Sweet’Tauk Lemonade

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Sweet’Tauk Lemonade

Sweet’tauk is inspired by the natural beauty and beach culture of Montauk, New York.

Their lemonade is fresh-squeezed, cold-pressed and always made with pure filtered water, non-GMO fruit and a touch of organic cane sugar which gives it an amazingly fresh and not-too-sweet flavor.

Here’s the story.

Loving all things out at The End, P13 was excited to work with Sweet’tauk and put a fresh squeeze on their brand. We were also asked to completely redesign their bottle to help it better reflect a passion for lemons, surfing, good times and impeccable quality. Sweet’tauk’s lemon logo was retooled to convey a more premium feel and packaging became a standout on shelves (including Whole Foods) by featuring an iconic and colorful surfboard motif which, according to BevNet – “definitely has nailed a summertime motif.” 

The big takeaway from this project – “KEEP IT CHILL”. Words to live by (and looks like Mr. Jimmy Buffett totally agrees!).


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