DNS Administration

DNS Administration

What is DNS Anyway?

Whether you know it or not, the Domain Name System (DNS) is a very important part of your website’s setup. We like to refer to DNS as the phone book for the internet. It’s what associates your website’s hosting with your domain name. Incidentally, when there’s a major outage on the internet, the DNS is often what has been attacked

An important part of building and launching your website will be accessing your current DNS provider, clean it up and move you to a new service if necessary. Not all DNS providers are created equal. Yes, GoDaddy provides this service for free with your domain registration but there are much better options out there. Just check out the DNS speed comparison chart. On our last checkin’ GoDaddy wasn’t too far up on the list. 

At Project 13, we prefer Cloudflare’s free DNS service. Cloudflare also provides extended performance and security features that can be very helpful in enhancing your site’s speed and functionality.  

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