(WordPress e-commerce plugin)

Although a bit more complex to use than hosted e-commerce solutions, the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress is great. We see it gaining ground on other platforms like Shopify (especially since Woo joined Automattic the people behind and we’ve have had great success working with it.

Several of our custom WordPress themes provide e-commerce using Woo. However, there are situations where using a hosted e-commerce solution, like Shopify, is simply better. Woo requires a fair amount of maintenance and tweaks but if  your organization has advanced data organization needs (like different physical locations or an extensive employee directory), WordPress coupled with Woo is an excellent choice. 

Here’s a little more info about the big shootout in the e-commerce software world. Last we checked, WooCommerce was running 10% of the web’s shops. This will undoubtedly change over time and we see Woo adoption only continuing to grow. 


(Hosted e-commerce solution)

For web projects who are purely e-commerce driven, we have extensive experience building web shopping cart solutions using the hosted e-commerce service, Shopify. From the basics of selecting an appropriate theme and payment gateway to the more advanced steps of customizing a theme (using Shopify’s Liquid templating language) to suite the brand and the products being offered.

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