Tech Support

Tech Support

We’ll be around as you grow

Unlike freelancers who might disappear when the job’s done, our agency has a long track record of creating and supporting successful website for many clients (and we’re happy to put you in touch with them).

We’ll also be around to support the code used in your website build. Maybe your Instagram feed stops working, no problem, we’ll take a look. Perhaps you’re opening up a new location and can’t remember exactly how to add that type of page, we can help.

Say no to bugs

As the web is continually evolving, you can expect us to be around for fixing any bugs that may pop up over time. We can also extend functionality and  support through website maintenance agreements and other long-term services. Check out our website maintenance page for more on how we can help support and maintain our builds. We’re also always available for some extra training, general website hand-holding and good-old friendliness.

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