Domain Name Administration

Domain Name Administration

You’ve registered several domain names and need to decide which one to use

This is a common situation and we can definitely help. We create branding for many new businesses and also lend our expertise on the best choice for a domain during this process (hint, you don’t need a keyword in there).

But what happens when you have registered domain names for several businesses with several different registars? We often see clients with a few domains registered at GoDaddy, a few others at Network Solutions or a host of smaller registrars. We can help transfer those domain names to a single account, sort out the credentials on that account and forward any domain names not being used used to your primary site.

Once your domains are chosen, registered and organized, we can then with DNS administration, which makes sure it is  pointed to the correct web host and email provider. We prefer Cloudflare’s DNS  (it’s fast) but we can work with just about any DNS provider. 


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