Dedicated WordPress Support

Project 13’s maintenance agreements are tailored to each client’s needs and budget. They allow focused and dedicated time each month for proactive and thoughtful ongoing development of your WordPress-based website.

Every improvement, no matter how small, can add up to big wins over time. We believe building a website only to “set it and forget it” is not enough. Continually and consistently evolving your online presence is where you truly see the compounding benefits of your investment.

Support and service when you need it

WordPress is a powerful and a very widely used platform but, like any software living on the internet, vulnerabilities are always being discovered and updates are always happening. One of the many services we provide is making sure your WordPress build is always running optimally. We will handle many of the things clients don’t consider like security updates, daily offsite backups and managing your Google Business accounts (fun stuff!).

Do you have domain names registered with several different businesses? Are many of those domains leading to a parking page or dead end? No problem, we can help you get things organized under a single account and fix DNS issues.

Your website has gone down? Chances are we’ll know before anyone through our monitoring service. We’re on it and already looking to fix the issue.

Continually updating and refreshing.

Project 13 can handle your basic (or complex) content changes and updates. We’re proactive in making incremental SEO improvements to your site rank and be accessible for everyone (a11y!). We’re always looking for ways to lower your bounce rate and evolve content in order to surface new information about your brand (when was the last time you updated your home page?).

We’re simply here to help.

Regardless of the situation, we’ll be available for you to contact and take care of your needs. It’s just good knowing you have someone to call.